Tuesday, April 19, 2016

From The Thoughts of Jermaine Sain: Give What You Have I was growing up, they used to sing a song during offering time at church that said, "Give what you have, and the Lord will give you more.  Give what you have, there's something more in store....."  That's exactly what I want to talk about to day...GIVING BACK......

One day I received a call from my business partner and he was asking me if I had seen a post that a friend had posted on my Facebook page.  I told him no I hadn't but I would check it out.  I go to my Facebook page and I notice a post from my friend stating that someone needed some assistance because her two nephews where packed up and shipped to her unexpectedly, and he had a photo of the clothes that they were wearing.  This particular friend is always very generous with helping others in need, so when he stated that he wanted to help but couldn't at the moment, I immediately felt compelled to help. 

A few days later I text my friend letting him know that I saw his message and wanted to know how I could assist and that I could possibly buy some stuff on weekend.  He gave me the number to the aunt of the boys and I said I would reach out to her.  Can I be honest with you for a moment?  I'm not necessarily the person that gives, if you know what I mean.  So, naturally, my flesh wanted to back out but my spirit was still being pulled to do something.   (FAST FORWARD SOME MORE!)  Saturday morning comes and I have not called the aunt.  As I'm getting ready for the gym, I receive a text from my mother that says, "I thank God for my kids.  If it weren't for ya'll I don't know what I would do."   This message had absolutely nothing to do with the aunt but when I saw that message, I started thinking about all the hard time my mother had, raising us as a young single mother.  Then, I began to think about how blessed I was that my mother raised me!!!  (My mother was very young when I was born, so to keep me AND RAISE ME, was a very courageous decision to make at her age).  Then, I started thinking about those little boys, that didn't even have that option, they've been shipped to their aunt with little to nothing and the aunt is just trying to be the responsible one and take care of them!!!!!!!  (Needless to say, I contacted her).  

So, after my workout at the gym, I went to purchase some things, and as I began to pick up articles of clothing, I was struck with so many emotions that I began to cry.  Just thinking about the situation of these little boys and just hoping and praying that my contribution would make an impact on their lives.  Before long I found myself having so much fun buying stuff for them....I started to feel a sense of pride for what I was doing!  After awhile it was almost like I was shopping for myself but I can't even get my smallest toe in those clothes!!!

..........I said all that to say, it's very important that you follow you heart.  Often times we are so caught up in how things aren't going right in our lives that we don't take a moment to be grateful for the things that are going right and have gone right!!!!  I want to just encourage you to just take a moment to give back to someone today and watch how small your situation becomes.....DO IT FROM A WILLING SPIRIT AND  A PURE HEART.......AND WITH WISDOM.....and watch God move in YOUR life!!!!!  Be blessed, stay encouraged, keep dreaming, keep believing.......AND KEEP SPEAKING!!!!

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