Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 Atlanta Jazz Festival: Rialto Jazz For Kids Allstars


Rialto Jazz for Kids is an ongoing series of comprehensive jazz education programs for elementary and middle-school aged students throughout metro Atlanta.  To date, the Rialto Center has partnered with four middle schools.  The ensemble visits four-five times during a school year, beginning in September and ending in May, featuring consecutive programming that adds additional lessons and concludes each with post-visit activities and study materials. Rialto Jazz for Kids program is under the leadership of Dr. Gordon Vernick, an accomplished author and musician, and head of the Georgia State University Jazz Studies program.  Included in the performance group, which travels to the schools to perform, are musicians who are noted both as teachers and musicians.  They include Dr. Vernick, Gary Motley, Robert Dickson, Justin Varnes, Che Marshall, and Mace Hibbard.  Dr. Vernick brings a 20-year history of providing educational programs to young audiences.  
The Rialto Jazz for Kids program crafts a multidisciplinary program that brings lessons of culture and history to life for young children through music. As stated in the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum, "students in the early stages of music education learn by doing.  The experience further enables them to understand connections and relationships to other disciplines.  Students must be exposed to and understand their own historical and cultural heritage as well as others."  
Rialto Jazz for Kids programs feature four to six visits to each partner school, providing a comprehensive program including written educational materials, consecutive lesson plans, and opportunities for follow-up with students interested in particular musical instruments.
The Jazz for Kids program is currently being presented at Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, the Atlanta Jazz Festival Kids Zone, Hamilton Homes Elementary School in addition to our partner entities.  The activities and materials connected with the Rialto's educational jazz outreach are curriculum-driven, stemming from, reflecting, and meeting the Quality Core Curriculum (QCC) standards of the public school systems.  
Click here to watch a short video about RJFK! 

Friday, May 27
Main Stage:
7:00 pm                            Next Collective                                                                                
9:00 pm                                JOI                                         

Saturday, May 28
Local Stage:       
12:30 pm                              Rialto Jazz for Kids All Stars
2:30 pm                                The Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra (RYJO)  
4:30 pm                                Mabu’s Ark Band                            
6:30 pm                                Alex Lattimore                                                                 

International Stage:
1:30 pm                            Camila Meza     
3:30 pm                                TATRAN                                                              
5:30 pm                                Mette Henriette                                                             
7:30 pm                                Etienne Charles                               

Main Stage:
1:00 pm                                Chargaux
3:00 pm                                Tomeka Reid                                                     
5:00 pm                                Theo Croker      
7:00 pm                                Jamison Ross                    
9:00 pm                                Hypnotic Brass Ensemble                                            
Sunday, May 29
Local Stage:
12:30 pm                              Band Room Nation                                         
2:30 pm                              Anonymous DaBand                                                      
4:30 pm                              Joe Alterman Trio                                                     
6:30 pm                                 Chandra Currelley

International Stage:
1:30 pm                                TBD     
3:30 pm                                Tumi Mogorosi                                                              
5:30 pm                                Daby Toure                                                             
7:30 pm                                Eliane Elias

 Main Stage:
1:00 pm                                Navy Band Southeast: V.I.P. Protocol Combo
3:00 pm                                Eugenie Jones
5:00 pm                                The Headhunters    
7:00 pm                                Benny Golson               
9:00 pm                                Gregory Porter

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