Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Atlanta Jazz Festival: Chandra Currelley (@ChandraCurrelly)


Chandra Currelley is a smooth, cool & sultry, chocolate powerhouse, at the same time syncopated and  improvisational!  That's what you get when you see and hear Chandra Currelley! Chandra is an artist that not only sounds great, but you can feel every note she sings. That's one of the reasons she is the 2014 recipient of the Black Women In Jazz, (Lady Soul Of Jazz Award).  She has toured with jazz legend Roy Ayers, where she recorded the duet, “Let Me Love You”. 
Because of her ability to legitimately cross musical and theatrical styles, Chandra has had the opportunity to work with some of the greats including music mogul Clarence Avant and the legendary recording group, the S.O.S. Band, where Chandra replaced the original lead singer. She continued the band’s string of Top Twenty Billboard hits with the CD’s “Diamonds In The Raw”, and “One Of Many Nights”, where she wrote several songs, including the single “Broken Promises”.   The Helen Hayes and NAACP Phoenix Award Nominee has released three solo CD’s, “Relationships”,“The Real Me” and “Love Songs”, which contains the hit song “Love Again” from the Lionsgate movie, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”.  Ms. Currelley has performed at the Long Beach Jazz Festival, the Berklee Jazz Festival, the JFly Music Festival, The Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, Praise 102.5, Gospel Jazz Live, the Holland Juneteenth Music Festival and The Atlanta Jazz Festival.  Chandra Currelley's live shows are unforgettable and always leaves the audiences shouting for more!  Chandra is a double threat as a singer and actress.  She is the 2015 Black Women In Jazz & Arts (Best Black Female Performer in Theater & Film). 
Her credits include “Madea's Big Happy Family”(The Movie), The musicals “The Hot Mikado” & “Sophisticated Ladies” to name a few.  And she can be seen on the OWN Network as the hilarious Miss. V in “For Better Or Worse”.  Music is available, at, Itunes and Rhapsody. 


Friday, May 27
Main Stage:
7:00 pm                           Next Collective                                                                                
9:00 pm                                JOI                                         

Saturday, May 28
Local Stage:       
12:30 pm                              Rialto Jazz for Kids All Stars
2:30 pm                                The Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra (RYJO)  
4:30 pm                                Mabu’s Ark Band                            
6:30 pm                                Alex Lattimore                                                                 

International Stage:
1:30 pm                                Camila Meza     
3:30 pm                                TATRAN                                                              
5:30 pm                                Mette Henriette                                                             
7:30 pm                                Etienne Charles                               

Main Stage:
1:00 pm                                Chargaux
3:00 pm                                Tomeka Reid                                                     
5:00 pm                                Theo Croker      
7:00 pm                                Jamison Ross                    
9:00 pm                                Hypnotic Brass Ensemble                                            
Sunday, May 29
Local Stage:
12:30 pm                              Band Room Nation                                         
2:30 pm                              Anonymous DaBand                                                      
4:30 pm                             Joe Alterman Trio                                                           
6:30 pm                Chandra Currelley 

International Stage:
1:30 pm                                TBD     
3:30 pm                                Tumi Mogorosi                                                              
5:30 pm                                Daby Toure                                                             
7:30 pm                                Eliane Elias

 Main Stage:
1:00 pm                                Navy Band Southeast: V.I.P. Protocol Combo
3:00 pm                                Eugenie Jones
5:00 pm                                The Headhunters    
7:00 pm                                Benny Golson               

9:00 pm                                Gregory Porter

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