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2016 Atlanta Jazz Festival: Band Room Nation (@BandRoomNation)


Jazz is alive and well and burning within the youth of our Atlanta area young jazz musicians. Band Room Nation's newest initiative, World Class Jazz Youth Ensemble, is an honor jazz ensemble composed of the best high school musicians in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. World ClassJazz is a celebration of the jazz music culture as well as talent and passion within the youth of Atlanta in our public schools. Over the course of one weekend, some of the best high school jazz musicians that Atlanta has to offer will take part in an extremely rigorous rehearsal schedule, in preparation for an electrifying performance on the Atlanta Jazz Festival stage. Room Nation is a non-profit (501c3), music advocacy organization that was established in 2011 by Lynel Goodwin, Rod Whittaker and Leroy Lovelace. The purpose of Band Room Nation is to promote and support fine arts programs across America. With the current status of fine arts in the public school sector, there was a need for an organization that would give students an outlet to showcase their talents. Through Band RoomNation events and initiatives, students are able to showcase talents for an audience in an environment that fosters an appreciation for the arts. We firmly believe that if the community has an appreciation for the arts, it will become more of a priority for our students. To date Band Room Nation annually hosts 6 events and 4 programs with more currently being facilitated. Band Room Nation has given over $10,000 in scholarships, prize money and support to public school students and arts program and has invested more than $100,000 in showcases and initiatives. 

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Friday, May 27
Main Stage:
7:00 pm                                 Next Collective                                                                                
9:00 pm                                JOI                                         

Saturday, May 28
Local Stage:       
12:30 pm                              Rialto Jazz for Kids All Stars
2:30 pm                                The Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra (RYJO)  
4:30 pm                                Mabu’s Ark Band                            
6:30 pm                                Alex Lattimore                                                                 

International Stage:
1:30 pm                                Camila Meza     
3:30 pm                                TATRAN                                                              
5:30 pm                                Mette Henriette                                                             
7:30 pm                                Etienne Charles                               

Main Stage:
1:00 pm                                Chargaux
3:00 pm                                Tomeka Reid                                                     
5:00 pm                                Theo Croker      
7:00 pm                                Jamison Ross                    
9:00 pm                                Hypnotic Brass Ensemble                                            
Sunday, May 29
Local Stage:
12:30 pm                              Band Room Nation                                         
2:30 pm                              Anonymous DaBand                                                      
4:30 pm                             Joe Alterman Trio                                                           
6:30 pm                                        Chandra Currelley 

International Stage:
1:30 pm                                TBD     
3:30 pm                                Tumi Mogorosi                                                              
5:30 pm                                Daby Toure                                                             
7:30 pm                                Eliane Elias

 Main Stage:
1:00 pm                                Navy Band Southeast: V.I.P. Protocol Combo
3:00 pm                                Eugenie Jones
5:00 pm                                The Headhunters    
7:00 pm                                Benny Golson               
9:00 pm                                Gregory Porter

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