Friday, April 22, 2016

2016 Atlanta Jazz Festival: CHARGAUX (@Chargaux)

From the moment they met serendipitously near Berklee College of Music in Boston, Charly & Margaux formed a string duo that alters the reputation of classical instruments and the people who play them. These dynamos, better known as CHARGAUX (pronounced “shar-go”), do everything from musical composition to the visual curation of their brand, all while making it look beautiful and effortless, truly taking renaissance women to a new standard. 

Within a year of meeting, Chargaux contributed a distinctive string arrangement for "Don't Kill My Vibe" for Kendrick Lamar's Grammy nominated Good Kid m.a.a.d. City (Interscope). Experimenting with Youtube as a platform, Chargaux quickly started a buzz that inspired their move to Brooklyn. The pair is now recognized by their emotionally moving performances, whether down in busy New York City subway testing their audience or at gala held in the White House playing for the First Lady, Michelle Obama and her honored guests. 

Utilizing their diverse skills sets, the mission for Chargaux is multifaceted and unique; always integrating their versatile visual aesthetic with their dynamic soundscapes. Chargaux's love for fashion and visual art has inspired collaborations with Red Bull Studios NYC, Opening Ceremony and Thom Browne. 

In 2013 CHARGAUX released the Gallerina Suites, a succinct instrumental EP with a soulful take on classical composition. Their 2014 release, Broke & Baroque features candid interview excerpts that describe their journey as rising artists interwoven with songs that capture both their unique orchestral sound and vocal arrangements. 

Highlights of Chargaux’s career include performances at the Lincoln Center in DC and Perez Art Museum in Miami, as well as features in Vogue’s summer issue and in the Adidas StellaSport Campaign.

Career Highlights:

- Museum Gigs 


Friday, May 27
Main Stage:
7:00 pm                            Next Collective                                                                                
9:00 pm                                JOI                                         

Saturday, May 28
Local Stage:       
12:30 pm                              Rialto Jazz for Kids All Stars
2:30 pm                                The Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra (RYJO)  
4:30 pm                                Mabu’s Ark Band                            
6:30 pm                                Alex Lattimore                                                                 

International Stage:
1:30 pm                                Camila Meza     
3:30 pm                                TATRAN                                                              
5:30 pm                                Mette Henriette                                                             
7:30 pm                                Etienne Charles                               

Main Stage:
1:00 pm                Chargaux
3:00 pm                                Tomeka Reid                                                     
5:00 pm                                Theo Croker      
7:00 pm                                Jamison Ross                    
9:00 pm                                Hypnotic Brass Ensemble                                            
Sunday, May 29
Local Stage:
12:30 pm                              Band Room Nation                                         
2:30 pm                              Anonymous DaBand                                                      
4:30 pm                             Joe Alterman Trio                                                         
6:30 pm                                        Chandra Currelley 

International Stage:
1:30 pm                                TBD     
3:30 pm                                Tumi Mogorosi                                                              
5:30 pm                                Daby Toure                                                             
7:30 pm                                Eliane Elias

 Main Stage:
1:00 pm                                Navy Band Southeast: V.I.P. Protocol Combo
3:00 pm                                Eugenie Jones
5:00 pm                                The Headhunters    
7:00 pm                                Benny Golson               

9:00 pm                                Gregory Porter

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