Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time To Stop Breeding Hate!

Mama Hate - When We Speak TV

This is a song that I wrote about hatred, whether it be racism, homophobia, child abuse, or bullying. I was sitting at my house one day and I heard so many stories about kids being bullied, suicide bombings, and just alot of violence and hatred. It bothered me so much that I had to sit down and write a song about it called "Mama Hate".

I came up with this concept because I believe that we are not elevating as we should in life, because we live in so much hatred. I don't believe that this is something that is in us, I think that it is a behavior that our grandparents were taught- and they taught our parents- and our parents taught us- and we have taught it to our kids.....When does this horrible cycle ever stop? I vow to no longer be a child of Mama Hate.

Jermaine Sain
When We Speak TV

PS. I hope you enjoy the song....Please comment and share the song if you like it. This is only verse one of the song. LOVE! And Most of All PEACE!

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