Friday, May 13, 2011

"Get Out" By Jermaine Sain

I wrote this song years ago.  I was in a very mentally abusive relationship and in the midst of it, I found myself homeless, working for minimum wage, and many months behind on my car loan
One day, as I was attempting my suicide plan.  I fled down the highway in my car to run it off a bridge.......well.....that's all you need to know....I didn't do it!  And the words to this song came to me!
I would like to encourage anyone that has ever been in an abusive relationship or have ever contemplated suicide, that neither is worth your life.  You are much better than him/her and your life is too precious to take. 
Sometimes I wondered why I had to go through that stage of my life and now I realize that it was so that I can now appreciate where I am, the money I make, the house, I live in, and the car I drive....It's not the best but thank God, I found "my way out" and ""I Feel Good"!

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Jermaine Sain is the host/ creator of a talk show called When We Speak. After exiting the U.S. Army in 2003, as a Medical Sergeant, Jermaine began pursuing a career in music after he auditioned for American Idol in 2005, in Austin, Texas.

In 2008, Jermaine moved to Atlanta where he has had the opportunity to provide backing vocals for Kem (Grammy nominated R&B Singer) Heart (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), and Barry Manilow, as well as for companies such as Pink Ribbon Story Foundation and Verizon Wireless. He made his first music video appearance in Kem's Glorify The King.

Jermaine's talk show, When We Speak, caters to entertainment with a close focus on indie music professionals.

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