Friday, May 13, 2011

"Get Out" By Jermaine Sain

I wrote this song years ago.  I was in a very mentally abusive relationship and in the midst of it, I found myself homeless, working for minimum wage, and many months behind on my car loan
One day, as I was attempting my suicide plan.  I fled down the highway in my car to run it off a bridge.......well.....that's all you need to know....I didn't do it!  And the words to this song came to me!
I would like to encourage anyone that has ever been in an abusive relationship or have ever contemplated suicide, that neither is worth your life.  You are much better than him/her and your life is too precious to take. 
Sometimes I wondered why I had to go through that stage of my life and now I realize that it was so that I can now appreciate where I am, the money I make, the house, I live in, and the car I drive....It's not the best but thank God, I found "my way out" and ""I Feel Good"!

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