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Inside The Thoughts of Jermaine Sain: 2015 Kingdom Image Awards

Inside The Thoughts of Jermaine Sain: 2015 Kingdom Image Awards

About a year or so ago, I was at a studio in Atlanta, and the owner was telling me that he had noticed the progress that we were making at When We Speak TV and said, “How are you meeting all these people?”.  I really don’t remember what I said but I remember what I wanted to say…..I wanted to say, “God”…Now that I think about it, I should have said it.  It is only God that allowed me to meet the people that I’ve met. Now, don’t get it misunderstood…He didn’t just allow me to sit back …I had to first seek out the people and acknowledge to Him my desire to interview or meet them.  

As you probably know, I’m saying that to lead into something else, (even though it was a terrible transition).  I want to share with you about some people that I recently worked with and met in Columbus, Ohio.  On October 3, 2015, I got the opportunity to work my first red carpet event at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Columbus, Ohio.   I have sung at many red carpet events but I’ve never walked a red carpet nor been a red carpet correspondent.  But now I can say that I have worked a red carpet, thanks to the Kingdom Image Awards in Columbus, Ohio.
I was behind the scenes and the correspondents where Rick Jones and Maurice James of the Rick and Reese Show in Columbus.  These guys were super cool and fun to work with.

And guess what else?  When We Speak guest, Quan Howell, also attended the event.  It was extra special to see him.  He had no idea that we would be there so it was extra nice when he acknowledged me during the red carpet interview. 

Vonzail Lawrence on the Red Carpet from When We Speak TV on Vimeo.

And lastly, my dearest friend, Vonzail Lawrence, who is on the Executive Board of the Kingdom Image Awards (He is also the production manager and set designer).  He was the one who recommended us to participate and I’m sooooo glad that I accepted.  There is so much I can say about my friend.  He has been such a great support of my vision.  I remember back around 2005 or 2006, he and I used to go to Starbucks in Killeen, TX….(he would order a green tea latte and I would order a caramel latte).  We would sit in that Starbucks for hours talking about our dreams and goals in life.  And even though we didn’t know how it would happen (and still don’t) we knew that it would come to past…  There were also days that weren’t as inspiring and we would cry together at our friend’s house…(how we love our friend, Angie, she is really a big sister to us)… we called the room in her house, “The Crying Room”.   Now 10 years or so later, I’m living in Atlanta, GA and he’s in Columbus, OH making those dreams happen.  I’m creating my brands of When We Speak TV/ SAINJ Productons  and he’s doing big things like working for BETAwards, BET 106 and Park, and Radio One!!!
So to go back to the question about, “How are you meeting all these people?”…….The correct answer is undeniably….GOD!!!!



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