Monday, July 7, 2014

Have You Stopped Buying #GospelMusic?

A few days ago, I was on my way to work, listening to a gospel radio show.  I don't think it was Yolanda Adams or Donnie McClurkin  (but it could have been).... I'm not really sure.

 Anyway...they were stating that people are no longer buying gospel music.  When I initially heard that, I said, "that's not true".  Then I asked myself, "what is the last gospel album that you've bought?"  Of course, I had to think.....REALLY LONG!!! Then, I remembered that the last gospel album I purchased was Reborn by Lashun Pace.....and that's not a new release!!!

After I finally realized that I hadn't purchased a gospel album in a long time, I started questioning why I wasn't buying....  So, rather than say why I haven't bought a gospel album lately, I thought I'd do my share by sharing a few gospel songs with you that are available for purchase such as this new music by Karew Records...... (ENJOY!!)

NEW SINGLE from Karen Clark Sheard
Sunday A.M.(Pronounced: Morning) 
Sunday AM

 2nd Win

God Is Great (Leap)

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