Wednesday, June 18, 2014


When God gave me the vision of When We Speak, I didn't fully understand the concept that "Death and LIFE are in the power of the tongue".... but boy has he been teaching it to me.  Each interview on When We Speak has been a blessing to my life, because it has allowed me to meet and build relationships with many great people.  It has also been a blessing because when I don't have any idea of who to interview, I always ask God to send me the next one!  And He has!!! And although all my interviews have been very essential, there is one in particular that I would like to share with you....It's the interview with Terrell Carter.

Terrell Carter is an actor, model, singer, songwriter,....(the list goes on and on).  He is most popular from Tyler Perry movies and plays, such as Meet The Browns, Madea's Class Reunion, Diary of A Mad Black Woman, and others.  He also has a role in the new film Think Like A Man 2!!! (Can't Wait)....


This interview is essential because it embodied the very principle that When We Speak is built on.
Here's the story: (#TRUESTORY)
One day I was on the phone talking to a music producer friend of mine and I was telling him that Terrell Carter was a really good singer and I would love to meet him one day.  Then, a couple of days later I was talking to my camera man about guests for the show and I told him that I really wish I could interview Terrell Carter but I don't know anyone that knows him or that I could reach out to.  A few days later...I talked to the producer friend again, and he tells me, "I meet someone that knows you".  And of course I was like "Really?" and was shocked because I wasn't sure who it could be.  Then, he finally told me who it was and I was like "oh ok...yeah! I know her".  Little did I know that she was going to be my connection to Terrell Carter.  So then, the producer tells me.... "She and I are in the studio with an artist and your name came up...."

Did you just catch what he said?  "She and I are in the studio with an artist and your name came up!" When I heard that, I was overwhelmed!! Just to think that my name is starting to buzz around Atlanta!!! but anyway....

He also told me that she had also wanted him to do some studio time with another artist that she works with...... and guess who that artist was...yep!!! Terrell Carter!!! 
So of course, I didn't say anything about wanting him on the show again or anything about "hook a brother up!".  I just went on with business as usual and one day I was on the phone with the lady that my producer friend and I have in common, when she says, "Did you get my email?" and I was like, "What email?" and she says, "I was wanting to know if you would like to interview Terrell Carter on your show."  Of course, with no hesitation, I was said YES!  So immediately, she called Terrell on the phone, I introduced myself, told him about the mission of When We Speak, and it was history from there!!!

Even while I'm typing this, I can feel shivers going through my body!  Just to think that I spoke that!!! You can actually speak things into existence!!! WOW!  God heard me!  So without further delay, please check out my interview with Terrell Carter!  Be Blessed and Keep On Speaking!!!!


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