Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When Winston Warrior Speaks....

I want to encourage each of you to support indie artists because they work very hard to provide you with great music…usually from their own bank accounts. There are numerous ways to support these artists. One way would be just to share their music when you see it on social media sites. If you have a blog, you could voluntarily write a review about their music. Lastly, if they are a guest on When We Speak, you should share their interview with us, rate it, and comment.
One thing I’ve learned through my research of blogging and social media is that a lot is based off comments, views, likes, etc. Did you know that even if you hit the “thumbs down” on a video, it’s better than not clicking anything at all? Sounds crazy right? Well, this is how the internet looks at it; if you clicked dislike, the video impacted you enough to leave your opinion about it.
Watch the video below as singer, Winston Warrior, also explains the importance of supporting indie music like himself….

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