Monday, July 16, 2012


It's amazing how God allows you to be at the right place, at the right time!
Recently I was checking out music (as I always am) and I ran across and artist by the name of Carmen Rodgers. I liked what I heard so I decided to check out some more of her music. In the midst of checking out her music I ran across a video by Carmen Rodgers called It's Me. Ironically, when this song started playing, I new the hook already! (How did I already know this song? Til this day, it still boggles my mind)....anyway, once I realized that I knew the song I decided to try to find out how I knew this Carmen Rodgers girl. Unfortunately I still wasn't sure. Then I found out that she was performing in Atlanta.....once again, how ironic that I would find out about her show, right after finding her music.
Since I definitely believe in a higher power, I was convinced that none of these things were by coincidence. I decided to reach out to Carmen's booking agent about an interview on When We Speak. Her booking and I and I waited for confirmation of the date.
By the time Friday came, I was still hopeful but I started to tell myself, "Jermaine, be patient and if now is the time, it will happen". (Keep in mind I started getting worried because it was Friday and we had talked about interviewing the next Monday, and since that was my birthday weekend, I knew I would not be readily available to my emails).

I had planned a few things on my birthday weekend but I had one event that I still wanted to attend (a listening party for Atlanta artist Rahbi). I wasn't sure if I would be able to attend but luckily I made it...... Remember how I said at the being that "It's amazing how God allows you to be at the right place, at the right time!"? Well, I get to the event and guess who I run into? Yep! You guessed it......CARMEN RODGERS! So when she walked past me, I had to take the opportunity to introduce myself............and guess what? We interviewed the day after my birthday.....what a great birthday gift!!!
I wanted to tell the full story about how I felt to encourage you today! Nothing ever happens by chance! Each breathing moment of our lives, we have to remember that God will present the door of opportunity. We have to be bold enough to knock when the door is presented! I hope this story encourages you and gives you hope to keep focus of your vision and destiny!
Just Remember: Nothing happens by are not reading this by chance! It was meant specifically for you...TODAY!!!
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