Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Day I met a Reality Star!

If you follow me on Twitter (HINT) you already know that I recently posted an interview with Trina Braxton of the Braxton Family Values…..Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that I post it to this blog….Anyway, when I posted the interview, many people congratulated me on the accomplishment and was wondering how I pulled it off.  Well, since I’ve been asked that question so much, I think I’ll tell you the story.  I’ve known Trina for about three or four years now….funny story how we met. 

One day I was introduced to this girl named Trina, (this was before the show was airing).  When I met her I thought she was a really cool and fun girl.  As I got to know her more and more, I began to talk to her a little more and one day she and I were talking and she looked familiar to me….so I said, “Do you know who you look a lot like?” 
Trina says, “Who?”
I said, “You look just like Toni Braxton’s little sister.”
“Really?” Trina says.
I said, “Yes, the one that was in the Tyler Perry play, Meet the Browns. “
Then I said, “Matter of fact, her name is Trina too!”
Mind you, Trina never confirmed to me that she was the Trina that I was referring to.  Instead, she says, “Toni Braxton has a sister named Trina? Ok!” 
Everytime I think about this story I start laughing!  It was months later before it hit me that the girl I knew was actually Trina Braxton.  It’s funny because before my interview with Trina, I asked her if she remembered that day…she says she doesn’t but I know I do because I was so embarrassed after I finally realized that she was Trina Braxton. 
Needless to say, I was so proud to see that Trina and her sisters had come out with a reality show.  I’m a big  fan of the show and although I love all the family, if I had to pick a favorite it would be Trina….Yeah, I’m a little bias!  So there…..there’s my story of the day I met Trina Braxton….not too amazing but funny to me at least! 
Before I go I want to leave you with this thought……  You may not know why people come into your life at the moment but their presence always has a purpose. 
God Bless!
Jermaine Sain
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Stay tuned for the next interview on When We Speak! 

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