Thursday, August 25, 2011

Healing from #Abuse (The Answer Is Closer Than You Know!)

We all know that child sexual abuse is a horrible thing but I had never really met anyone that had experienced it….well, they had never told me about it!  Because of this I never really examined the effects that something so traumatic and horrific would have on a victim of sexual abuse.  That was until I met Angela Williams and Tom Scales of VOICE TODAY.  Sure, I assumed that it would have some effects but I always looked at it like, “that’s something that happened in your life that you will one day get over”.  Now, I realize that it’s possible that you never fully “get over it”.  However, I do believe that you are able to heal from it even if you never fully “get over it”.

It’s kind of like breaking your leg.  If you have ever broken a leg, you know that it takes some healing for you leg to fully restore, and sometimes you have to go for regular checkups to evaluate your progression.  Once that leg heals, you still remember that you broke it before ,and you may even remember the pain.  Moreover, you might even have a limp, after it healed. 
I look at child sexual abuse the same.  You may walk with a limp but having a limp is better than not walking at all.
I want to dedicate this blog entry to all survivors of abuse, whether child abuse, child sexual abuse, or domestic abuse.  I would advise that you seek comfort in a friend, a family member, a therapist, or an organization to help you heal from this.  The biggest step is the first one; SPEAK OUT AND BREAK THE SILENCE! 
I believe that from there you will slowly see those scars start to heal!  
If you have ever been abused and you feel that you need someone to talk to and can’t find that person, I strongly suggest that you give VOICE TODAY a call…….

When We Speak TV encourages you to be blessed, be happy, and BE HEALED!



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