Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tha Life of the GAyTL

Many people consider Atlanta to be the black gay capital of the south.  I would definitely have to agree to that!  In Atlanta, you can find many black LGBT communities.  No matter what your crowd I'm sure you will find it in Atlanta.......And when Labor Day comes, you can guarantee that all the kidz are flocking to Atlanta for Black Gay Pride Weekend for a weekend in tha life of Atlanta.  A weekend full of fun, laughter, and adventure!  More like a sex marathon for some of the kidz!   See ya next Labor Day!

Cursing Out Old Lady

Can you believe what this old woman said to me!   She better be glad that my mother taught me to respect my elders or I would have been like soldier girl on the train!

Interview with Leaf Newman

Leaf Newman of BET's reality show Welcome To Dreamland sits down with Jermaine Sain from When We Speak for an interview. 
Check out Leaf's blog, Flowers and Grass

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